Conversation Between Strangers.

My first post. =)

Well, I guess this blog is more for me than anyone else.

Ten years from now, I’ll accidentally discover this blog again, read all the random entries that I wrote, and probably think “This ISN’T ME!” “What?! I’m not like this!” and “Did that really happen?! Why was I upset over something so stupid?”

Those kinds of thoughts.

But I guess for now, this is the present and I’m still living through it so…

Note to future me: Yes, you were this stupid. Yes, you were completely irrational and still probably are. Yes, the you that is writing this right now is supposed to be doing other important things, like homework and such. And sadly yes, you still don’t realize the difference between “supposed” and “suppose.”

Anyways, so today on the bus on the way to school (what’s with this sudden story), I sitting on one of those high seats so I had a pretty good view of the entire front half of the bus. (entire half?…hmm…) A man had gotten on the bus and said to the bus driver, “Happy Cinco De Mayo!” He sat near the front and chatted with the driver and another passenger who was also sitting near the front. I listened to them as they laughed and talked about how earlier, they had confused this bus with another one. Their conversation wasn’t particularly interesting but it was amazing to me how complete strangers could easily talk to each other like that. They spoke to each other as friends would or something along those lines. It was also amazing when as someone else was about the leave the bus, that person spoke a few words to the bus driver before they left and they were both smiling at each other and saying, “Take care.”

And I thought, it would be nice if the contents of my daily life was just to sit on a bus and listen to the interactions between strangers.


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