Ok, so I was in the library working an assignment and there were these two guys that were sitting two seats to the right of me. And they were talking pretty loud considering it is a library.

Boy 1: Yeah you know my girlfriend, she’s really, hmm like, independent. She doesn’t like to be told what to do and stuff.

Boy 2: Oh really?

Boy 1: Yeah and yesterday she was calling me out on (something I couldn’t hear) and so I called her out (something something). Yeah but I guess I can’t judge her on that cause I (something too irrelevant for me to remember)

My thoughts: Sigh. Can you talk quieter? I don’t wanna hear your issues.

They continued their conversation that I forcibly drowned out.

Then I heard them again.

Boy 2: So have you (blah blah) ?

Boy 1: No not yet. But actually her parents are going to be out of town this weekend so she said I can come over so I think we’re gonna do it then.

Boy 2: Oh wow seriously? So you’re like… Wow. (He covers his mouth with his hand)

My thoughts: Wow. Seriously? Having this conversation in the library? And just so you know, that kind of cliche situation where the parents are going to be out of town only happens on TV, okay? What are you? A couple that popped out of that one movie, Valentines Day? Give me a break will you?

Actually at this point, I also thought, wow guys really talk about this kind of stuff huh? It was somewhat surprising to me I guess, that they would have this conversation in the first place.

Hmm. Just something to think about.


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