Funny Party in the Fog

Currently listening to the album Drawing the Emotional-Funny Party in the Fog.



Funny Party in the Fog. Strange name but I like it.

Also currently looking for lyrics, kind of hard to find though.
I should be doing my essay that’s due tomorrow though. Hmm…

I especially like the song their world by calo and also darkness is always with me. The instrumentals are genius. Such amazing compositions.

(Also , in their world by calo, I can’t help but  smile when it says “Everday I wonder, if I could escape with you, to get a life, for happyyy.) Haha.

Now that I think about it, I saw something similar to that in a Japanese show where it said in english, “Don’t worry. Everything gonna happy. =)”

Note: this random entry is just to vent how awesome this album is. And other random thoughts. Haha.


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