People Watching From a Coffee Shop.

Today during lunch, I sat near the window of coffee shop in downtown.

Now usually, I don’t like sitting next to the window because I’ve noticed that as I walk by  coffee places, the people who sit right in front of the window look like they’re on display…

But today, the coffee shop was pretty busy and the seat next to the window was the closest to me, so I sat down.

One thing that I like about relaxing in a coffee shop is being able to look out the window onto busy downtown. I like looking at people as if I’m behind one of those one-way mirrors, even though I’m sure people always notice the girl with intense eyes watching their every movement, sipping her coffee dreadfully slowly.

But today, from my seat, I took a bite of my sandwich, looked up to see the rainy street, but instead saw the back of a man who deliberately stood right in front of me on the other side of the clear window. Well, he was on his phone and rain was pouring down so he must have just been looking for shelter, but in that specific spot?! Of all places? If he moved just three steps to the left, there would have been no problem at all, but he specifically wanted to get on my nerves.

It’s also extremely awkward for me because if I looked up, it would seem like I was staring at his butt. But I wasn’t! It was just right there, I swear! That’s how I would explain this to the other consumers of coffee in the shop who wondered about the girl who suddenly turned stiff and refused to look up from her coffee.

Well, he eventually did leave and I finished my coffee and left to catch my bus.

But I swear, if I ever see him sitting down drinking coffee, I am going to stand directly right in front of him and block his view,

even if he’s not sitting right next to a window.


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