Little Bee.

Sarah went to the toaster and put two slices of bread into it. Lawrence and I, we both just watched her. Sarah turned around.

“Is everything all right in here?” she said. She looked at me. “Have you been crying?”

“It is nothing,” I said. “I always cry in the morning.”

The book, Little Bee, by Chris Cleave is absolutely amazing yet extremely sad, but this part of the book made me smile for some reason. I thought it was funny. Actually, I think Little Bee in the general, is pretty funny because of her strange perceptions of daily life in the UK compared to her life in Nigeria. (Little Bee is the main character, a girl from Nigeria, just so you know.) I also liked how she compares the two cultures by saying “the girls back home would say…” and stating the weird things about life in UK. And the ending, I have something to say about the ending but I won’t cause it’ll ruin it. You probably don’t understand this much unless you’ve read the book so read the book! Then read this and then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Strange how that works, huh?


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