What Makes Idiots Happy?

“You were jealous just now? This will repay my obligation for your jealousy,” Lawrence knew this was a prank by Horo, but he still couldn’t control how his face shifted to a look of discontent.

“Do not worry. All males are jealous idiots.”

“But, it is an idiotic female that gets happy from a male idiot’s jealousy. So, both the man and woman are idiots.”

Isn’t this a good quote? Just in case you didn’t get it, Horo says the first two lines. Lawrence says the last.

This is an excerpt from the novel Spice and Wolf Volume 1 by Isuna Hasekura. Basically, it’s about a traveling merchant, Lawrence, and Horo, a girl…wolf? Uh, I’ll just leave it at that.

Well, for me who doesn’t have a clue about stocks and short selling and such, the economics part of this book is pretty hard to comprehend, but even the normal conversations between the two characters that has nothing to do with economics are hard to understand at times. They always seem to have hidden meanings and whatnot.

But anyways, I really like this quote about men and women both being idiots. It’s kind of funny yet true huh?

It seems that there is a compromise. =)


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