Erasing People In Photoshop?

So in my older post, A Meeting Place, I posted an edited picture called Everyday at around 12pm in autumn. In this picture of a tree and its huge shadow, I really went crazy and experimented with the editing. Usually, I only do the normal lighting and exposure fixes, but in this picture, there was an obvious swing set in the background that looked like an eyesore. I didn’t want that in the picture so I just covered the swing set with the colors around it and blended it together. Surprisingly, at least to me, I was able to successfully erase it.

As I looked around the picture some more, I noticed three people sitting on a bench on the edge of the photo.


My thoughts were, hmm, let’s get rid of you guys too.


In the actual picture, these people were extremely tiny so I didn’t care about the details too much, but I wanted to see if I could erase them and not have an obvious, awkward blank spot.

It turns out, I can.

To the right of the huge tree, I saw another bench that I didn’t like, so I got rid of that too.


Kissing Clouds.

Kissing Clouds

On this oddly sunny day, I was sitting outside drinking a mocha frappuccino when I looked up and I saw a strange cloud formation. Just the shape of it seemed really off to me for some reason. Now even as a child, I’ve never took the time to go cloud watching because it’s never like the movies where children sit on tall, comfy grass on an open field, look up, and say,

“Oh look, it’s a cat!”

“Oh it is! But look, there’s a dolphin over there!”

That never happens in real life, at least not for me because well, whenever I look up at sky, the clouds look like nothing else but clouds. I don’t even think other people have ever sat down on an open field with just the intent of finding shapes in the sky. It just doesn’t work.

Maybe I’m being biased because I live in a place where there’s always a full cloud cover, so there just isn’t an opportunity for me to try to find those white objects in the sky.

But on this day when I looked up, I saw the two cloud shapes that were just touching each other by a small thread. I thought, hmm, it looks like they’re kissing.

How It Feels Like To Be Told?

“Heh, because you’re still a babbbyy,”

This was said to me rather tauntingly by my condescending six-year-old niece.

Huh? And what exactly are you then? You little…

Well, let’s see, this all started when my niece found my older sister’s university ID card on the bookshelf. She looked at it and asked me, “Where’s yours?”

“Oh, I don’t have one,” I replied. Of course, I’m still a high school student.

“You don’t have one?” A huge grin grew on her face. This is where she said the line.

“Heh, because you’re still a babbbyy.”

You could just see my eye twitch when she said that. Heh. Did those words really come out of her mouth? She seemed to say that with such a pompous attitude, but I don’t see her even having an ID card, do I?

Yes, I know, she’s a child and all, but that line really peeved me. I don’t want to be told that by a girl whose age is three times closer to a baby’s than mines. She probably didn’t even know it was a university ID card. She probably thought that a card with your picture on it was just what adults had or something.

Hah, like you’re so mature and grown up.

Uh, it’s not like I’m getting upset over what a child says to me, okay? But… I mean, she should respect her elders right?! Acting like that when you’re so short and small…

Kids these days, huh? What are they teaching them?

How to Make Friends – a sselsnu guide

This is the first edition of How to Make Friends – a sselsnu life guide

Ok, first let’s start off in elementary school.

During recess if you are alone and someone asks you to play with them, if you say “yes” then you are immediately friends. You will continue to play with them every recess, laugh, and have fun. And there you go, instant friend.

This technique is very reliable because the source is my own experience. Even as a child, I’ve known this trick. For example, in second grade, I basically had no friends and was totally alone. During recess one day, these kindergarteners saw me standing by myself so they asked me if I wanted to play jump rope with them. I looked at them and thought, if I say yes, then I’ll become their friends and have to play with them everyday. I shook my head no and politely smiled because well, I don’t want my only friends to be kindergartners. I was a second grader after all.

Anyways so later that year, someone else asked me to play with her during recess. She was someone I knew from class. I thought, hmm…she’s the same age as me. Why not? And we were friends for the next six years.

As you can see, as a child friends can be made instantly. When you get older however, these things get a bit more complicated. In middle school, you have two choices: find and hang out with your friends from your last school, or find a new group of friends that were together from a different school. But the main part of creating a network of friends is to find one early. You have to quickly find a group to hang out with during lunch, or else everyone would have grouped up and you’ll be the odd one out.

And after that….

Well I’ll just continue this in the next edition of How to Make Friends – a sselsnu life guide.

Note: any backfires that occurs after taking the advice from this guide cannot be blamed on the writer in any way. =)

End of School is No Logic.

God, can you hear this song?

Regardless of what you want of me

I want to laugh

and if I want to cry, I will

I always want what’s natural to me

-Lyrics from No Logic, composed by JimmyThumb, vocals by Megurine Luka

To watch the video of the song, go here:

So I took my last final a few days ago and I have to say, this song came at the perfect time. During this whole year, I’ve always striven to be the best in grades and school, but that way of thinking has really worn me out. At the end of everything, if I asked myself what have I really done this year or if I’m really happy with how things ended up, I wouldn’t know how to answer. Even though it’s summer and school’s out, it’s still not the end of school’s stress. I’m still going to place impossible expectations on myself on things that are unrelated to school.

While being frustrated with myself about not being perfect, I thought, why don’t I just be fine with myself? There’s no need to stress about attempts that will never be enough in the first place. I’m not going to criticize myself about not trying hard enough because that’s just useless. Accepting myself is much easier than beating myself down anyways.

So I’m not going to care about that sort of thing anymore. I’m just going to do what I want and enjoy my life. Of course, I’m still going to continue to work hard, but in the end, I’ll be content no matter what the outcome is.

The song, No Logic, really just summarizes everything that I’ve felt at the end of this school year. Both lyrics and video are really amazing and I think a lot of people can relate to this song because there’s always a need to be perfect in life these days. But I really like how this song has the message of just do whatever you want and have fun. Worrying about the small things won’t get you anywhere.

So this is how I’m ending this school year. With the line,

The conclusion always is no logic.


No Improvements at all in Procrastination?

I would like to say that I’ve improved in my procrastination, but sadly, I really haven’t.

In fact, I’ve gotten much worse.

I remember last year, I was such a good student. I would start on my essays a week in advance, spend at least several hours per day on them, and by the time it was due, I would just need to proofread them. What happened to those days?

Now this year, during fall quarter, which was three quarters ago, I got my essays done at least three days before it was due. I was still on track then.

Winter quarter, I slacked off a bit and got my essays done the day before it was due.

Now it is the end of spring quarter. For all of my essays, I’ve started them at 5 am in the morning before the 10 am deadline. Needless to say, I didn’t get great feedback on them.

I haven’t improved at all, have I? Getting more lazy perhaps? Or maybe I haven’t gotten used to college classes and the first few quarters tired me out so now I’m just being careless.

Anyways, I hope to do better fall quarter next year, but for now, it’s summer! I’m going to slack for a long time and then study for SATs! Ugh…