People From the Bus.

Public transportation is awesome!

Well, not really. It’s kind of a pain. A real time waster too since I get severe carsickness so I can’t do anything productive on a bus, like reading or studying.

But, I do get to see a lot of different people.

In the morning to school, I always take the same 7:13 bus to get to downtown and because of that, I start to see familiar faces.

For example, there is a couple that I would guess are in their 20’s or 30’s that are always holding hands as they walk to the bus stop. They both carry shoulder bags so I assume they are going to work. Not sure if they work at the same place though, maybe. I always see these two together, on the bus and off the bus. But one morning, I saw the man walking to the bus stop by himself. When I saw him, I thought it looked extremely odd because I’m used to the two of them together. Strange. But the next day, I saw the two together holding hands again and everything looked normal.

Another person that I see is this Korean girl who I think takes classes at the same college as me. She usually in the back of the bus so I didn’t notice her a lot at first. She usually wears a light trench coat and short brown boots. She also yawns a lot and her face always looks like she’s still comfortably lying down in bed. Today, she was sitting across from me with her eyes closed, but not asleep. I glanced at her and her mouth formed a hint of a smile, but quickly rearranged itself back into it’s sleepiness. I assumed she was thinking about something pleasant or funny that happened.

Another girl that I usually see is someone that actually was in my class two years ago. She fits the characteristics of the typical rich dumb blonde, but she’s actually pretty smart from my past experiences with her. She always has her headphones connected to her iPod and is constantly texting. Although I knew her from two years ago, so I have no idea how her life is now. But she seems to be doing fine.

These people are the few of the many that I’m getting familiar with seeing. It’s kind of weird that you could get used to seeing strangers.

I have to say though, this is one of the reasons I like riding on the bus.


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