No Improvements at all in Procrastination?

I would like to say that I’ve improved in my procrastination, but sadly, I really haven’t.

In fact, I’ve gotten much worse.

I remember last year, I was such a good student. I would start on my essays a week in advance, spend at least several hours per day on them, and by the time it was due, I would just need to proofread them. What happened to those days?

Now this year, during fall quarter, which was three quarters ago, I got my essays done at least three days before it was due. I was still on track then.

Winter quarter, I slacked off a bit and got my essays done the day before it was due.

Now it is the end of spring quarter. For all of my essays, I’ve started them at 5 am in the morning before the 10 am deadline. Needless to say, I didn’t get great feedback on them.

I haven’t improved at all, have I? Getting more lazy perhaps? Or maybe I haven’t gotten used to college classes and the first few quarters tired me out so now I’m just being careless.

Anyways, I hope to do better fall quarter next year, but for now, it’s summer! I’m going to slack for a long time and then study for SATs! Ugh…


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