How to Make Friends – a sselsnu guide

This is the first edition of How to Make Friends – a sselsnu life guide

Ok, first let’s start off in elementary school.

During recess if you are alone and someone asks you to play with them, if you say “yes” then you are immediately friends. You will continue to play with them every recess, laugh, and have fun. And there you go, instant friend.

This technique is very reliable because the source is my own experience. Even as a child, I’ve known this trick. For example, in second grade, I basically had no friends and was totally alone. During recess one day, these kindergarteners saw me standing by myself so they asked me if I wanted to play jump rope with them. I looked at them and thought, if I say yes, then I’ll become their friends and have to play with them everyday. I shook my head no and politely smiled because well, I don’t want my only friends to be kindergartners. I was a second grader after all.

Anyways so later that year, someone else asked me to play with her during recess. She was someone I knew from class. I thought, hmm…she’s the same age as me. Why not? And we were friends for the next six years.

As you can see, as a child friends can be made instantly. When you get older however, these things get a bit more complicated. In middle school, you have two choices: find and hang out with your friends from your last school, or find a new group of friends that were together from a different school. But the main part of creating a network of friends is to find one early. You have to quickly find a group to hang out with during lunch, or else everyone would have grouped up and you’ll be the odd one out.

And after that….

Well I’ll just continue this in the next edition of How to Make Friends – a sselsnu life guide.

Note: any backfires that occurs after taking the advice from this guide cannot be blamed on the writer in any way. =)


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