Kissing Clouds.

Kissing Clouds

On this oddly sunny day, I was sitting outside drinking a mocha frappuccino when I looked up and I saw a strange cloud formation. Just the shape of it seemed really off to me for some reason. Now even as a child, I’ve never took the time to go cloud watching because it’s never like the movies where children sit on tall, comfy grass on an open field, look up, and say,

“Oh look, it’s a cat!”

“Oh it is! But look, there’s a dolphin over there!”

That never happens in real life, at least not for me because well, whenever I look up at sky, the clouds look like nothing else but clouds. I don’t even think other people have ever sat down on an open field with just the intent of finding shapes in the sky. It just doesn’t work.

Maybe I’m being biased because I live in a place where there’s always a full cloud cover, so there just isn’t an opportunity for me to try to find those white objects in the sky.

But on this day when I looked up, I saw the two cloud shapes that were just touching each other by a small thread. I thought, hmm, it looks like they’re kissing.


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