Erasing People In Photoshop?

So in my older post, A Meeting Place, I posted an edited picture called Everyday at around 12pm in autumn. In this picture of a tree and its huge shadow, I really went crazy and experimented with the editing. Usually, I only do the normal lighting and exposure fixes, but in this picture, there was an obvious swing set in the background that looked like an eyesore. I didn’t want that in the picture so I just covered the swing set with the colors around it and blended it together. Surprisingly, at least to me, I was able to successfully erase it.

As I looked around the picture some more, I noticed three people sitting on a bench on the edge of the photo.


My thoughts were, hmm, let’s get rid of you guys too.


In the actual picture, these people were extremely tiny so I didn’t care about the details too much, but I wanted to see if I could erase them and not have an obvious, awkward blank spot.

It turns out, I can.

To the right of the huge tree, I saw another bench that I didn’t like, so I got rid of that too.


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