“Just PM me okay?” Sorry, but what in the world did you just ask me to do?

Before I start working on a deadline that is due tomorrow morning, I have one question.

What in the world does PM mean?

No, I’m not talking about 12 p.m. which stands for post meridien (after midday)

Or, pM, as in picomolar.

But as in “PM me.”

Okay, I guess I don’t have enough context, but my closest guess is that it means email me?

I probably just don’t have enough knowlegde about these type of things since lots of people seem to say this. The answer is my question is probably something completely obvious and I’m just being silly right now. Haha.

A few mintues later…

Uhh, I figured out what it means…”private message.”

Haha…that should have been easy to figure out. Haha…

Now I’m feeling kind of stupid…(looks around to see if anyone is watching)

Oh well!

Did you know that “cc” in an email means “carbon copy”? =)


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