Childhood Nostalgia And Cute Boy With Monkey.

Yesterday, as I was watching my niece playing outside with the other kids on the block, I felt very nostalgic.

My niece played outside until her mom came at nine to pick her up. At nine, it wasn’t completely dark outside, but enough for the street lights to be on. I was kind of wondering where their parents were, but their houses where pretty close so their parents probably let them play on this small open field. The kids were only running around in circles, but they seemed like they were having the most fun ever.

After my niece left, those kids surrounded me and my sister to play. All we were doing was sitting on the porch watching after our niece. Since she had already left, we just wanted to go home.

My sister told them that we would be going home in two minutes while they pulled on our hair and blew this really annoying whistle. Their response was, “Aww. But we’re going to stay out here forever!”

I remember when I was a kid and I had no conscious of time at all. All we did was play outside until it became too dark to see anything or until our parents made us go home. When you’re a kid, you assume that you have all the time in the world and everything lasts forever. I know those kids still thought that.

I kind of miss having that thought process. It was fun and simple.

And also that day, I saw this extremely cute little boy at the park carrying a monkey.

He was soooo cute.

When my niece brought a duck and a bear stuffed animal to the park and left it on the rock I was sitting on, the little boy came over to it, picked it up and asked me, “Wha’ dis?” Of course his words where slurred since he was still very small.

“A duck,” I replied.

He looked down on it in his hand and said, “Duck.”

He then picked up the bear and asked me,” Dis?”

“A bear,” I said.

He looked at it and said, “Bear.”

Then he picked up the duck and said,”Duck.” He picked up the bear. “Bear.”



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