The Perfect First Date Song.

I found the perfect first date song.

To explain, if your first date (assuming it was a good one) was part of a movie scene, this would be the song that would play during your montage. It’s Flower Drops by Hanatan.

I’m listening to it right now and I can just imagine a young couple on their first date, having fun at the mall or at the zoo.

Ooh, now they’re getting ice cream and eating it together on a bench.

The montage of the day passes by. They’re having so much fun just being together.

The romantic couple is now sitting on grass looking for a small blooming flower, feeling the soft wind blow past them.

Hey, wait a minute…

Anyways, it’s such an upbeat, happy song, isn’t it? I really like it when she sings “kimi dake” for some reason. x)

The first time I heard it, I thought wow, this is the perfect first date song. When I go on a date, I think I’ll put one earphone in my ear and put this song on repeat. It’ll be kind of like my background music. And when he asks me why I have earphones on during our date, I’ll say oh, I’m listening to our song!

That’s totally not creepy at all right?



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