Friends Like Gossiping about Your “Love” Life.

It’s true. Friends will always gossip about a “blossoming” love between you and someone else only because you get along with that person. Or, they’ll try to hook you up with someone just so they can gossip about it.

I remember in third grade, I hung out with my two best girl friends plus this other guy who just started to play with us during recess.

Remember recess? That was fun, wasn’t it? And remember when we used to say “play” with each other? When you get older, to be cool, you say, “hang out.”

Well anyways, during class, the teacher paired everyone up for a science activity. She paired me up with the guy who started playing with us. Ironically, my other two best friends were paired with each other. Now, I wasn’t really close to him in the first place. He was more closer to my other two best friends, but I wanted to get along with him so I thought, Okay, this is my chance to be better friends with him.

The science assignment was some lame write down your observations of the objects in these circular, pill-holding looking containers.

In one container, there were these I think it was dried onions or something. As we were writing down our observations, I told him that they looked like dried fingernails because well, it did. He thought that was really funny for some reason.

I said, “It does!”

He laughed again. We continued picking up the objects with the tweezers that were given and wrote down some more observations.

Then, we accidentally dropped the pill containers and the onion spilled on the ground.

I decided to play my joke again, “Oh no! Dried fingernails are all over the floor! Help me pick them up!”

He burst out laughing. I guess it was still funny. From the corner of my eye, I could see one of my best friend whispering something to the other. I couldn’t hear perfectly, but I can correctly assume it was something like, “Ooh they like each other” or “Do you think they’ll go out?”

Isn’t that weird for third graders to think like that? But they do, you know? By a young age, many kids are already thinking about love and going out with someone. Just today, I heard the kids around my block gossiping and stirring up trouble saying, “Hey, you know he liked you a few years ago?”

So if kids are already trying to set up other kids to go out with each other, isn’t it possible for much older teens or even adults to do that?

I wouldn’t know. But, you would think that people would be worried about their own love life before gossiping about others, right?

All I know is that if a person knows someone who they don’t want to date, they’ll probably try to set that person up with their friend just to have fun and see what happens.

Why? Because people are like that.


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