It’s my birthday today and how, you ask, am I spending it? Cleaning out the fridge.

No, not as in having such a festive time eating everything out of it with friends and all that happy stuff.

As in literally taking apart all the shelves and the glass and scrubbing down the sides and corners. You may not know this, but your fridge, where all your food is, is absolutely disgusting.

But don’t worry, later, I went out to eat and kind of celebrated. It was fun.

When I came home though, I left a cup of milk in the fridge and I accidentally tipped it over, spilling milk everywhere inside the newly cleaned fridge. X_X

I feel so old now though…

To someone much older than me, they would probably think, What?! You’re still a youngin!

Heh heh.


Getting shot.

Having a stranger stick a needle in your body and inject an unknown fluid doesn’t sound very fun right? It even more menacing, especially, at the part where the nurse taps the needle to make sure their aren’t any air bubbles…

Did you think I meant getting shot? As in with a bullet? Haha, silly. Xp

Anyways, the biggest fear for a healthy child of going to the doctors is getting shots.

But for me, it was a different story. When I was a child, I didn’t really mind getting shots. I didn’t cry or anything. I thought of it as just one second of pain and then it’ll disappear. No, I’m not trying to act tough or anything, I was just very…indifferent towards it.

One time when I was very young, barely old enough to attend school, (Don’t ask me how I remember this, I just do) I went to the doctors to get my yearly shot. I thought okay, just another shot. After a nurse poked a hole in my shoulder, I didn’t need to cry or anything but I thought, wait, these people expect me to cry, since I’m so little and all.

So I cried, even though I didn’t need to because it didn’t really hurt that much. This doesn’t really have to do too much with getting shots, but isn’t that strange? To cry just because people expect me to?

After I came back from the doctors a few days ago, my older sister asked me, “Why do some shots hurt more than others. I mean, it’s the same type of needle right?”

I only shrugged and said, “I dunno.”

“Or…” Her fingers mimicked the action of a needle inserting itself in her right shoulder and her eyes widened in realization. “Is it the poison they put in you?”

ヒゲドライバー/Hige Driver – 東京ソーダ/Tokyo Soda Lyrics

Title: 東京ソーダ/Tokyo Soda
Artist: Hige Driver

I first heard of this song through ゆよゆっぺ/Yuyoyuppe’s arrangement and the lyrics can be found on the video for his version here on youtube.

If you haven’t listened to his arrangment yet, go! ^_^


toukyou soda
saikin doudai?
tokai no yoru wa kurai kai?

bara wa kirai toge ga aru kara
mushi wa kirai ashi ga ooi kara

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