I’m sorry security dude, I’m NOT allowed to bring that on the plane?

“What travel lessons have you learned the hard way?”

When I published an earlier post, this question was on the page under “Ideas for Next Post” and I knew I just had to answer this. ^_^

First of all, let me say the first time I went on a plane was when I was eight years old. I was just a kid, so you can’t blame me for this kind of thing right?

The story started when my family was at the airport, checking in our bags underneath the x-ray scanner thing. When we reached the other side of the conveyor belt I went to grab my backpack but instead ran into this menacingly towering security man. He informed my family that he had to look inside my pink, glittering, Disney backpack. I, thinking that it wasn’t normal precaution, thought, “Why the heck is this dude looking through my stuff?”

He opened the zipper, checking the main compartment and rummaging through papers, crayons, and pencils. Just useless, unimportant stuff really.

Then, he pulled out a very large scissor.

No, it wasn’t one of those tiny, rubber, safety scissors you might find in a kid’s backpack, but the very large, durable, could-probably-hurt-someone-if-you-tried, adult scissors.

If only you could see the look he gave us. One eyebrow raised on his crinkled forehead and his eyes asked, “And what did you plan to do with these?”

Okay, now let me explain why those scissors were in my backpack. Earlier that day, I had received a have-a-nice-trip goodbye card from my friends at school. So sweet right? They all wrote “we’ll miss you” and stuff like that on it, but on the front of the card they taped a very delicious-looking green lollipop. I wanted to eat it of course so when I got home, I tried to rip it out, but they must have used an entire roll of clear tape to trap that sucker in!

“I’ll just cut it,” I thought, so I used a pair of scissors. We were about to leave soon and I didn’t want to go all the way to my room to put the scissors back, and of course I wasn’t going to leave them on an open counter, that’d be dangerous, so I threw it in my backpack, forgetting all about it.

See? A harmless incident.

The security guy didn’t think so. Fortunately though, in the end he let us board the plane. I was just a kid after all, but he confiscated the scissors.

So as for the travel lesson that I’ve learned the hard way: Don’t put large scissors in your luggage. Or rather, check to see if there’s a pair of scissors in your luggage before you go to the airport. I suppose this isn’t helpful for you normal people who would never put scissors in their luggage in the first place, or sadly, you people who never get goodbye cards with lollipops on them, (Yeah, I said it -.-) but hey, you never know.

At the end of that whole incident though, as we were boarding the plane, I couldn’t help by think, “Dang it, those were good scissors too.”


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