This blog is now deceased.

So it’s been fun writing random stuff and taking care of this blog, but I will not be writing here anymore. I didn’t like leaving things without confirmation so I’ll formally say I will not be posting anything else. It was kind of obvious though since my last post was five months ago but just saying. =P


3 responses to “This blog is now deceased.

  1. Hi there. I know the blog’s dead, but in case you’re checking the website at all, I just want you to know that I’ve found your lyrics to be very helpful. If you’ve made any covers, I’d very much like to listen to them. Also, over half of the songs you’ve typed lyrics for are some of my personal favourites, and I think we’d get along well if we were ever to meet looking at your past experiences.

    Dunno when you’re going to see this, if ever. If you do though, it’d be nice if you started this blog up again, if only for a little while.

    • Hi! Aw thanks for the comment! I’m glad the lyrics were helpful. I most likely won’t be romanizing anymore lyrics unless it’s a song I really really like that no one else has gotten around to doing yet, but who knows?
      I haven’t made any vocal covers (I just sing off key for fun haha) but I’ve made some piano covers at I think I did piano covers of some of the songs I romanized since the lyrics help me in learning to play the songs. If you’ve done any covers I’d love to listen to them too! It’s nice to meet someone with similar music tastes =)

      • So you still check the site sometimes? Is there any chance that you’ll be posting any more slice-of-life moments? You seem to have many incidents which are quite funny to be honest.
        I can’t sing, haha. The lyrics are to make MVs. I’m not musical, but I like listening to music. I’ll go check out your covers :3

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