Kissing Clouds.

Kissing Clouds

On this oddly sunny day, I was sitting outside drinking a mocha frappuccino when I looked up and I saw a strange cloud formation. Just the shape of it seemed really off to me for some reason. Now even as a child, I’ve never took the time to go cloud watching because it’s never like the movies where children sit on tall, comfy grass on an open field, look up, and say,

“Oh look, it’s a cat!”

“Oh it is! But look, there’s a dolphin over there!”

That never happens in real life, at least not for me because well, whenever I look up at sky, the clouds look like nothing else but clouds. I don’t even think other people have ever sat down on an open field with just the intent of finding shapes in the sky. It just doesn’t work.

Maybe I’m being biased because I live in a place where there’s always a full cloud cover, so there just isn’t an opportunity for me to try to find those white objects in the sky.

But on this day when I looked up, I saw the two cloud shapes that were just touching each other by a small thread. I thought, hmm, it looks like they’re kissing.


Hidden in a Jungle.

Hidden in a Jungle.

Remember when we were kids and we hid behind trees and bushes?

I didn’t want to touch the spider webs so I let you go first to break them. I didn’t tell you that, but the webs didn’t seem to bother you, or maybe you just didn’t notice them.

As always, we hid silently filled with excitement from the danger within our make-believe jungle. Our eyes communicated silently with stifled giggles as we tried not to make any noise. When our predator walked passed us, we crawled quietly to a different location because we knew if we stayed in one spot too long, our comfort would cause the end of this round.

So we kept moving.

But as we were continuously aiming forward for fear of being caught, it was possible, since our jungle was so small and crowded, that we would get lost between the trees that had sheltered us. Our fear and excitement clouded our minds momentarily and before we realized it, we were separated. In this place where everything is concealed by leaves and divided paths are created by branches, we found ourselves on opposite sides. We looked up to find each other, but instead saw the grin of our predator who happily announced their victory. When we were reunited, we just laughed at our mistake and played another round of the game.

Again, underneath our make-believe jungle.

Sunlit Sky

This scene was shot on my way to school one morning as we were stopped by a traffic light near a railroad track.

Ever since I was little, I always thought the sky looked fake, like the backdrop or wallpaper behind buildings and objects that were right in front of us. And someone laid out different pictures for us every day just for variation and inconsistency.

Usually, I only notice that the sky is fake when it’s cloudless and blue. Easy for the person in charge of switching out the pictures right? Just find a wallpaper that is a simple unison color. That would be dull on your computer screen.

When I look at the sky in this scene though, for some reason I can’t immediately think, “Oh, the sky is fake again today.”