It’s my birthday today and how, you ask, am I spending it? Cleaning out the fridge.

No, not as in having such a festive time eating everything out of it with friends and all that happy stuff.

As in literally taking apart all the shelves and the glass and scrubbing down the sides and corners. You may not know this, but your fridge, where all your food is, is absolutely disgusting.

But don’t worry, later, I went out to eat and kind of celebrated. It was fun.

When I came home though, I left a cup of milk in the fridge and I accidentally tipped it over, spilling milk everywhere inside the newly cleaned fridge. X_X

I feel so old now though…

To someone much older than me, they would probably think, What?! You’re still a youngin!

Heh heh.


Getting shot.

Having a stranger stick a needle in your body and inject an unknown fluid doesn’t sound very fun right? It even more menacing, especially, at the part where the nurse taps the needle to make sure their aren’t any air bubbles…

Did you think I meant getting shot? As in with a bullet? Haha, silly. Xp

Anyways, the biggest fear for a healthy child of going to the doctors is getting shots.

But for me, it was a different story. When I was a child, I didn’t really mind getting shots. I didn’t cry or anything. I thought of it as just one second of pain and then it’ll disappear. No, I’m not trying to act tough or anything, I was just very…indifferent towards it.

One time when I was very young, barely old enough to attend school, (Don’t ask me how I remember this, I just do) I went to the doctors to get my yearly shot. I thought okay, just another shot. After a nurse poked a hole in my shoulder, I didn’t need to cry or anything but I thought, wait, these people expect me to cry, since I’m so little and all.

So I cried, even though I didn’t need to because it didn’t really hurt that much. This doesn’t really have to do too much with getting shots, but isn’t that strange? To cry just because people expect me to?

After I came back from the doctors a few days ago, my older sister asked me, “Why do some shots hurt more than others. I mean, it’s the same type of needle right?”

I only shrugged and said, “I dunno.”

“Or…” Her fingers mimicked the action of a needle inserting itself in her right shoulder and her eyes widened in realization. “Is it the poison they put in you?”

ヒゲドライバー/Hige Driver – 東京ソーダ/Tokyo Soda Lyrics

Title: 東京ソーダ/Tokyo Soda
Artist: Hige Driver

I first heard of this song through ゆよゆっぺ/Yuyoyuppe’s arrangement and the lyrics can be found on the video for his version here on youtube.

If you haven’t listened to his arrangment yet, go! ^_^


toukyou soda
saikin doudai?
tokai no yoru wa kurai kai?

bara wa kirai toge ga aru kara
mushi wa kirai ashi ga ooi kara

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When was the last time you had fun?

Today, I had a really fun day. I know that line sounds boring, but its been such a long time since I’ve actually had…fun.

So I came back from work at around 4 thinking I’ll just go to sleep, but instead I went out with some friends because they wanted to go this ice cream shop. I didn’t really want to go at first but I thought, why not?

The ice cream place was dimly lit and music played loudly over speakers. In the back, there were arcade games and lots of pinball machines.

I wanted to play so after I finished my ice cream, I got two quarters and put it in the pinball machine. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve never really played before, but I didn’t know how where the buttons were. Which ones make the levers move up and down?!

My friend came over and made fun of me, complaining that she had to teach me how to play such a simple game. The buttons were on the sides, by the way.

After that game (which ended quickly), I played whack a mole and slammed the things popping out as hard as I could. For some reason it made a loud sound when I hit it, so everyone around, including me, were surprised at my lack of anger management…

Lastly, we played the best old game ever, Ms. Pacman! We all took turns playing different rounds. I don’t know why, but after we lost our three lives, the machine still gave us about 4 more games. Everyone was like, when will it ever end?!

So after the arcade, we all stopped and looked at each other with the same question, what do you want to do now?

I had bought a volleyball/badminton set a week ago for ten dollars because it was really cheap so we decided to play volleyball in a large open field near my house.

After twenty long minutes of reading the instructions and seeing how certain parts were not how they were portrayed in the instructions, we improvised and ta da! Here’s our hard work!

We played until it got dark and my team won 2-1. =) I’m not breaking the net down, it’ll be too much work to put it back up later so I stuffed the tall poles in a lonely corner in my room…

Anyways after this day, I didn’t feel tired when I got home for some reason. Usually I feel really exhausted and just want to sleep, but instead I got home and actually felt like working.

I hope to do more things like this and have more fun summer days! =)

Even though it’s already near the end of August…

Here’s a lesson: Don’t waste your precious time!

Checking Out Them Legs.

As we, (Me, A, and N. “temporary names”) were standing at the back yard gate waiting for our friend…E (that’ll be her code name x), A says, “Doesn’t E look weird today because she’s wearing jeans? Cause she usually wears legging.”

We all turn our head to see. E is busy locking the door and we know she’s barely out of earshot.

“Oh yeah, she is,” I reply, acknowledging the fact that she is wearing jeans today.

“Yeah, isn’t it weird?” A says as our eyes follow E. “She always wears leggings.”

N laughs and jokes, “We’re talking about her behind her back now?”

E walks towards us with an unknowing expression.

I shout loudly from the across the gate, “Hey E!”

E looks at me confusedly from three steps away and says, “Hm?”

“We were talking about your legs!”

N laughs, hits me on my shoulder, and says, “What?!”

It’s true, cause well, to see what kind of pants someone is wearing, you’d have to look at their legs right?

“Don’t try to lie. I know you were looking at them too,” I defend myself.

“Creeper!” E laughs.

Everyone laughed and I just had to explain E what the context was.

She still called me a creeper. ^_^

Hanatan/Yurica-Kimi no Kiseki/君の軌跡 Lyrics

Title: 君の軌跡/Kimi no Kiseki
Song/Lyrics/Vocals: Hanatan(花たん)/Yurica (ユリカ)
Supplementary lyrics: minato
Compostion/Arrangement: Shinya Saito (I think that’s how you read it…)
Album: Flower Drops

By the way, if you want just the Japanese lyrics for the rest of the songs in the album, you can find them here:

awakusunda me ni utsuru sekai
kasureta koe demo tashika ni kawashi ta yakusoku

kuu hakukara kodoku ni furue ta
nobasu te sae sora wo matte nigeru you ni nai ta

「kimi to no yakusoku wa hatase nain da」
hibi wareta kagami ni wa boku gaita

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Friends Like Gossiping about Your “Love” Life.

It’s true. Friends will always gossip about a “blossoming” love between you and someone else only because you get along with that person. Or, they’ll try to hook you up with someone just so they can gossip about it.

I remember in third grade, I hung out with my two best girl friends plus this other guy who just started to play with us during recess.

Remember recess? That was fun, wasn’t it? And remember when we used to say “play” with each other? When you get older, to be cool, you say, “hang out.”

Well anyways, during class, the teacher paired everyone up for a science activity. She paired me up with the guy who started playing with us. Ironically, my other two best friends were paired with each other. Now, I wasn’t really close to him in the first place. He was more closer to my other two best friends, but I wanted to get along with him so I thought, Okay, this is my chance to be better friends with him.

The science assignment was some lame write down your observations of the objects in these circular, pill-holding looking containers.

In one container, there were these I think it was dried onions or something. As we were writing down our observations, I told him that they looked like dried fingernails because well, it did. He thought that was really funny for some reason.

I said, “It does!”

He laughed again. We continued picking up the objects with the tweezers that were given and wrote down some more observations.

Then, we accidentally dropped the pill containers and the onion spilled on the ground.

I decided to play my joke again, “Oh no! Dried fingernails are all over the floor! Help me pick them up!”

He burst out laughing. I guess it was still funny. From the corner of my eye, I could see one of my best friend whispering something to the other. I couldn’t hear perfectly, but I can correctly assume it was something like, “Ooh they like each other” or “Do you think they’ll go out?”

Isn’t that weird for third graders to think like that? But they do, you know? By a young age, many kids are already thinking about love and going out with someone. Just today, I heard the kids around my block gossiping and stirring up trouble saying, “Hey, you know he liked you a few years ago?”

So if kids are already trying to set up other kids to go out with each other, isn’t it possible for much older teens or even adults to do that?

I wouldn’t know. But, you would think that people would be worried about their own love life before gossiping about others, right?

All I know is that if a person knows someone who they don’t want to date, they’ll probably try to set that person up with their friend just to have fun and see what happens.

Why? Because people are like that.