Hey, when’s your birthday?

Me: Hey, when’s your birthday?

Person: Huh? It’s January 4th.

Me: Oh, ok.

Person: Why? Oooh, could it be that you’re getting me a present? XD

Me: Uh, no…

Person: Huh? Then what?

Me: I was just planning to be nice to you on that day.



It’s my birthday today and how, you ask, am I spending it? Cleaning out the fridge.

No, not as in having such a festive time eating everything out of it with friends and all that happy stuff.

As in literally taking apart all the shelves and the glass and scrubbing down the sides and corners. You may not know this, but your fridge, where all your food is, is absolutely disgusting.

But don’t worry, later, I went out to eat and kind of celebrated. It was fun.

When I came home though, I left a cup of milk in the fridge and I accidentally tipped it over, spilling milk everywhere inside the newly cleaned fridge. X_X

I feel so old now though…

To someone much older than me, they would probably think, What?! You’re still a youngin!

Heh heh.