Hey, when’s your birthday?

Me: Hey, when’s your birthday?

Person: Huh? It’s January 4th.

Me: Oh, ok.

Person: Why? Oooh, could it be that you’re getting me a present? XD

Me: Uh, no…

Person: Huh? Then what?

Me: I was just planning to be nice to you on that day.


Checking Out Them Legs.

As we, (Me, A, and N. “temporary names”) were standing at the back yard gate waiting for our friend…E (that’ll be her code name x), A says, “Doesn’t E look weird today because she’s wearing jeans? Cause she usually wears legging.”

We all turn our head to see. E is busy locking the door and we know she’s barely out of earshot.

“Oh yeah, she is,” I reply, acknowledging the fact that she is wearing jeans today.

“Yeah, isn’t it weird?” A says as our eyes follow E. “She always wears leggings.”

N laughs and jokes, “We’re talking about her behind her back now?”

E walks towards us with an unknowing expression.

I shout loudly from the across the gate, “Hey E!”

E looks at me confusedly from three steps away and says, “Hm?”

“We were talking about your legs!”

N laughs, hits me on my shoulder, and says, “What?!”

It’s true, cause well, to see what kind of pants someone is wearing, you’d have to look at their legs right?

“Don’t try to lie. I know you were looking at them too,” I defend myself.

“Creeper!” E laughs.

Everyone laughed and I just had to explain E what the context was.

She still called me a creeper. ^_^

How It Feels Like To Be Told?

“Heh, because you’re still a babbbyy,”

This was said to me rather tauntingly by my condescending six-year-old niece.

Huh? And what exactly are you then? You little…

Well, let’s see, this all started when my niece found my older sister’s university ID card on the bookshelf. She looked at it and asked me, “Where’s yours?”

“Oh, I don’t have one,” I replied. Of course, I’m still a high school student.

“You don’t have one?” A huge grin grew on her face. This is where she said the line.

“Heh, because you’re still a babbbyy.”

You could just see my eye twitch when she said that. Heh. Did those words really come out of her mouth? She seemed to say that with such a pompous attitude, but I don’t see her even having an ID card, do I?

Yes, I know, she’s a child and all, but that line really peeved me. I don’t want to be told that by a girl whose age is three times closer to a baby’s than mines. She probably didn’t even know it was a university ID card. She probably thought that a card with your picture on it was just what adults had or something.

Hah, like you’re so mature and grown up.

Uh, it’s not like I’m getting upset over what a child says to me, okay? But… I mean, she should respect her elders right?! Acting like that when you’re so short and small…

Kids these days, huh? What are they teaching them?