WAIT! Don’t delete that!

So you know that moment, when you look back on your old blog posts and your face starts cringing at all the embarrassing stuff you wrote?

Usually if I was the old me, I’d end up deleting all my posts to get rid of the evidence, but I’m not going to. Wait, the old me? I’m not much different from how I was earlier…

I guess what I mean is that it’s interesting going back to see what kind of person you were and you can’t just delete that person right?

Somehow though, I’ve managed to keep this blog alive, even though it seems I’ve gotten into the habit of one post a month. I think I’ll start writing more often.

Anyways, this post was just an update. No random story from my childhood and anything like that. So see ya soon!


Clear and clear.

This is just a random post after being inactive on this blog for about…one month now. School’s really been killing me…

But what I came to talk about was the buttons “CE” and “C” on the calculator.

That’s so interesting right? No trust me, it’ll get interesting. Inner thought: “Hey! Don’t make promises you can’t keep!”

Anyways, I knew that one of the buttons was to clear the most recent number you pressed and one to was erase your whole equation, but I never knew which was which.

And of course, I didn’t think of looking it up until now…

So before whenever I needed to erase the whole equation and start a new one, I would press both “CE” and “C” a million times to make sure the screen was clear. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who did this right?

What? No one else out there with OCD? -_-

How It Feels Like To Be Told?

“Heh, because you’re still a babbbyy,”

This was said to me rather tauntingly by my condescending six-year-old niece.

Huh? And what exactly are you then? You little…

Well, let’s see, this all started when my niece found my older sister’s university ID card on the bookshelf. She looked at it and asked me, “Where’s yours?”

“Oh, I don’t have one,” I replied. Of course, I’m still a high school student.

“You don’t have one?” A huge grin grew on her face. This is where she said the line.

“Heh, because you’re still a babbbyy.”

You could just see my eye twitch when she said that. Heh. Did those words really come out of her mouth? She seemed to say that with such a pompous attitude, but I don’t see her even having an ID card, do I?

Yes, I know, she’s a child and all, but that line really peeved me. I don’t want to be told that by a girl whose age is three times closer to a baby’s than mines. She probably didn’t even know it was a university ID card. She probably thought that a card with your picture on it was just what adults had or something.

Hah, like you’re so mature and grown up.

Uh, it’s not like I’m getting upset over what a child says to me, okay? But… I mean, she should respect her elders right?! Acting like that when you’re so short and small…

Kids these days, huh? What are they teaching them?