11/11/11, not 11/11/11?

“Tomorrow is 11/11/11, not 11/11/11 bloody Americans.”

I looked at it for a second and then squinted. I didn’t get it.

Many people have been posting this all over twitter, facebook, and on their blogs with the comments mostly being “LOL” and “Haha great post!”

So, for those who also didn’t get it, let me spell it out for you.

Americans style of writing dates is month/date/year, but the British style is date/month/year.

Get it? With 11/11/11, you can’t really tell what’s the month and what’s the date.

Not that funny right? Yeah, I was disappointed too when I figured it out. I’d thought it’d be some secret hilarious insider joke or something.. -__-

Anyways, tomorrow is Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day! I hope everyone takes their time to remember those who have served, died while serving and those who still haven’t returned home yet. =)